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In my experience both as a buyer and user of technology and working for another PC company I felt that there had to be a way to deliver a better service. So I did it myself and set up PAAC-IT. I thought long and hard about what was needed and missing from the current companies and talked to many friend and colleagues.


Our lives are now so dependant on technology that we expect it to work, and more – we expect the various components to work together. However, this is not often the case – even Apple’s oft touted “end to end control” does not work as many users expect. The price of technology keeps dropping, or at least offering greater functionality at previous price points, but the problems of “making stuff work and keeping it working” is getting harder.

So our objective is to make our customers lives easier by taking the hassle out of technology all the way through technology and our customers life cycles:

  • Providing advice on the components and solutions that are best for the customer given their aspirations and budget
  • Providing the equipment they need – if they would like us to
  • Configuring, setting up and installing the equipment
  • Providing support contracts and repair services to ensure customers have a trouble free experience
  • Providing accessories and toners
  • Fixing stuff when it breaks
  • Dispose of stuff in an environmentally friendly way when it gets to end of life.


We provide our services at a personal and in-person level. Although the web and Internet are great – sometimes its just wonderful to talk to someone that’s interested in you and being with you to hold your hand as you get things sorted out.


So thats us – Personal Care and Attention for your IT needs.

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Our Values

To our Customers

Deliver exceptional experience and solutions to every customer

To our Staff

Be dedicated to the well being and development of our staff

To our Suppliers

Foster a partnering relationship with our suppliers

Be dedicated to the well being and development of our staff

Our Morals

Be Ethical, Honest and Trustworthy in all we do “Trust us with the keys to your home”

Our Community

We are proud to be local and community led

Our Environment

PAAC IT Limited is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment