Etc Hospitality strengthens IT security and GDPR compliance with PAAC IT

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Etc Hospitality strengthens IT security and GDPR compliance with PAAC IT

PAAC IT’s managed IT services have proven to be Etc Hospitality’s missing link.

Etc Hospitality provides cloud-based accounting solutions to cafes, restaurants, hotels and contract caterers up and down the UK. It aims to improve their clients’ business performance through optimised finance management, so that business leaders can spend more time making money than dealing with it. As a result, robust IT security and top-level compliance with the GDPR are an absolute must.

“Our business is rooted in IT, so it’s critical that we keep it all running without a hitch,” says Stephen Easthope, who co-founded Etc Hospitality with Alan Morgan to help hotels and restaurants grow out of the 2008-09 economic downturn. “It’s also vital that we keep our customers’ data safe and secure.”

 Taking care of day-to-day IT

Alan Morgan first approached PAAC IT in January 2016 when searching for an organisation to manage and maintain the company’s laptops. Over the last two years that relationship has grown to the point that all of Etc Hospitality’s internal IT is now managed by PAAC IT.

Stephen explains, “We entrust PAAC IT with a massive part of our business. Without their support, everything we do would be extremely vulnerable. Our arrangement with PAAC IT enables us focus on our clients and their businesses without having to be distracted by day-to-day IT issues.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) in action

Etc Hospitality’s devices are linked to PAAC IT via the internet. This allows PAAC IT to use a small software agent to monitor and manage all of Etc Hospitality’s devices remotely, scheduling upgrades and maintenance at times of minimal inconvenience to the company’s staff. Remote monitoring and the ability to install software patches quickly is a key driver of cybersecurity and among the biggest benefits of PAAC IT’s managed IT services.

In addition, all of Etc Hospitality’s PCs are equipped with security and encryption software from ESET, also remotely monitored by PAAC IT. This enables the company’s teams work with clients onsite while ensuring that their data is protected wherever they go.

Enabling the company’s growth

As Etc Hospitality grew, so did the complexity of its IT estate. PAAC IT showed the company that migrating to Microsoft 365 for email and storage would not only reduce cost and complexity but also increase security. As part of the migration, PAAC IT implemented client-specific folders with restricted access, increased password robustness and applied two-factor authentication for emails and data.

Addressing the GDPR headache

More recently PAAC IT helped Etc Hospitality prepare its staff and its processes for the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. Stephen explains, “We used PAAC IT’s GDPR templates to work through the documentation. The new regulations are very prescriptive, so having a set of templates — together with PAAC IT’s expert guidance — really lightened the load.”

A leading player in the hospitality sector

Etc Hospitality has gone from the two founding hospitality connoisseurs providing advisory services in 2009 to a staff of thirty with offices in London and Manchester today. Its clients now include Richard Corrigan, Bird Restaurants, The Westmead Hotel, Pint Shop and Arabica, and its success is thanks in no small part to a prosperous collaboration with PAAC IT. The next steps for their partnership are the implementation of a set of IT security policies, followed by training for all Etc Hospitality staff on data protection and IT security to cement the hard work done thus far.

“PAAC IT are a great asset to our business,” says Stephen. “Richard and his team are proactive without being pushy and their efforts and expertise have led us to exactly where we need to be.”

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