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How safe are your children online?

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How safe are your children online?

Keeping safe online is a hot topic not only in the media, but also with many of our customers. I’ve personally been through a journey of exploration as my 2 children keep growing and doing more things on the Internet.

Although there is a lot of good information already available online I have found that it’s distributed across many websites and I’ve found it difficult to find a concise holistic view of the options available to parents and caregivers. So I have written one myself.

There is no one size fits all approach – what works for a 3 year old will definitely frustrate and not be useful for a 15 year old. But with some thought there are mechanisms that accommodate the needs of all family members from young children to adults.

My “5 keys for keeping kids safe online” covers:

  • Filters from your broadband provider
  • Managing WiFi access
  • User accounts on your devices
  • Parental Control /Antivirus software
  • Online games, applications and social media


My “5 keys for keeping kids safe online” can be downloaded here
My father asked my son Bradley a few questions about the internet, please check out the video.

Eddie Paterson

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