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Advice & Training

Advice and Training that matters for Small Businesses


Best practice in information security and compliance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is often seen as a headache and a “grudge purchase”, but SMEs are facing the same threat landscape as larger organisations – but without their budgets

Getting the right information for your business can be a challenging exercise of navigating legislation, regulation and conflicting advice.  We have a range of offerings to help protect, grow and optimise your business.

Through one to one consultations, we can identify the areas of your business that are causing concerns and advice actions to rectify.  At PAAC IT we will always try to understand underlying causes of the issues, and work alongside you to make the best decisions for the business.


72% of companies where the security policy was poorly understood had staff related security breaches and 50% of the worst breaches in the year were caused by inadvertent human error

– both of which underline the importance of staff training

GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 – Compliance Made Simple

We have developed a series of templates, workbooks and training courses to make compliance with the regulations affordable and straight forward.

Implementing the new General Data Protection Regulations to comply with the new Data Protection Act is a legal responsibility on all of us (businesses and non-profits). But how do you achieve this without consuming and inordinate amount of time and cost? We have spent many painful hours pouring over the regulations and the new Act, attending other training semininars and exchanging views via online GDPR forums – so you dont have to. We have distilled the requirements down into a clear set of actions together with templates and training to help you on your way.

Our portfolio of 12 GDPR templates and workbooks cover the documentation requirements you are required to fulfil:

  • Lawful Processing workbook
  • Information Audit template
  • Privacy Statements workbook
  • Data Protection policy
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment template
  • Data Breach Management Process Template
  • Data Incident Tracker template
  • Subject Rights and Access policy
  • Subject Access Request checklist
  • Data Processor Addendum
  • Subcontractor Agreement template

Our training and guidance has been well received by the many organisations we have taken through the process:

What a productive and informative GDPR training course. I found it invaluable to ensure my company is compliant. I would not have been able to produce all the documentation, inform my staff or have the knowledge to process future data with out the help of Richard and Eddie’Lara – The Stove House Ltd

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the GDPR course with you on Friday 18th May 2018. Having really struggled to work out how our company would administer the new regulations I found this easy to follow, very informative and you have also given me all the tools I need to implement the changes. I cant thank you enough.Charlotte – GTA Civils

Thank you for coming into the office on the 2nd & 3rd of July and presenting ‘The new Era of Data Protection’. We have had very positive feedback from members of staff and the course was a real eye opener for them.  All said that you managed to make very boring subject interesting. You will be our first port of call should there be any updates to legislation in the future Thank you again. Martin Robert, Managing Director, Lawrence Stringer, Director and Neil Stevenson, Director, GTA Civils.

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