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Best practice in information security and compliance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is often seen as a headache and a “grudge purchase”, but SMEs are facing the same threat landscape as larger organisations – but without their budgets

Getting the right information for your business can be a challenging exercise of navigating legislation, regulation and conflicting advice.  We have a range of offerings to help protect, grow and optimise your business.

Through one to one consultations, we can identify the areas of your business that are causing concerns and advice actions to rectify.  At PAAC IT we will always try to understand underlying causes of the issues, and work alongside you to make the best decisions for the business.



72% of companies where the security policy was poorly understood had staff related security breaches and 50% of the worst breaches in the year were caused by inadvertent human error

– both of which underline the importance of staff training


We can provide group or one-on-one on topics such as

  • The implementation of security policies
  • Good password management
  • Recognition of and dealing with phishing calls and emails
  • Conducting backup and restore operations
  • Use of devices such a tablets and workstations

Our courses are designed to meet your specific requirements.  We can provide one to one training with individual employees, or run group workshops.

The first step is to book a FREE business consultation!