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Managed IT Services

Supportive IT Leadership for Growing Businesses

Top 6 Reason to Choose PAAC IT as your Managed Service Partner


Improve Efficiency

One of the key reasons for choosing a managed IT service is to improve efficiency and productivity. No more having your designated IT guy fiddle around trying to fix things or having to put up with those irritating faults you don’t have time to fix. “Our business now runs more efficiently – the IT works as it should, I know who to call when I need help and I’m getting prepared for the evolution to our online business” says Amanda Baker, Co-owner of the Silkroad, Haslemere.


Focus on Core Business

“When we started out I looked after our computers myself” commented Ed Green Operations Director at Milly Green Designs, “But as we grew I had to decide what would be the best use of my time. So I moved out responsibility for non-core business and IT was top of the list”. Where do you want to spend your time – growing your business or fixing computers?


Cyber Security

50% of small businesses suffered a cyber incident last year – your time is coming. With a Managed IT Service we correctly configure networks, servers, workstations and firewalls to protect you from cyber threats.  Securing your business takes more than just antivirus software.  Protecting networks and devices is an ongoing process as security threats are ever changing and increasingly common.


Access IT Skills

As your business grows and the IT gets more complex how do you keep access to the right skills at the right time? Hiring your own internal expenses can be an expensive proposition – and even then one person may not have all the skills you need. A Managed IT Service gives you access to the skills you need, when you need them – with no holiday or sickness breaks!



Our Managed IT Service agreements are flexible to meet your needs across:

  • Technology
  • Level of service
  • Days and times of cover.

During the initial consultation we will identify the scope of technology to be covered – from servers and workstations to networks and mobile devices.  We will then select the correct level of cover that suits  your business from our 4 Tiers and hours of cover.  This will give you a fixed price for support and maintenance!  The scope is reviewed monthly, so as you add or remove users, the cover you have will change accordingly


Supportive IT Leadership

Keeping your IT running is one thing, but how do you know the best way it needs to evolve and continue to enhance your business? With a Managed IT Service we provide supportive IT leadership to help you plan out your IT needs, staff training and compliance with regulatory challenges.

“Richard is truly a member of our extended team. I value the forward-looking planning sessions we have and treat him as a trusted advisor” Ed Green, Operations Director, Milly Green Designs



We use a combination of software to continuously monitor your computers and networks. A range of tailored services can be added on the basic monitoring service to provide the level of service you require.Our managed IT Services are designed to keep your business up and running with minimal hassle and offer really strong business benefits.



Running an in house IT department is a costly affair. Outsourcing helpdesk can reduce staffing costs whilst increasing availability and skill sets. Our helpdesk gives IT support to your organization’s employees through an advanced portal, email and on the telephone.  We utilise remote desktop software to share their screen and resolve issues without a site visit.

Preventative Maintenance


Whatever device you are using, maintaining it is crucial to smooth operation.  Software patches provide essential security fixes to keep you and your data protected.  However they can also be disruptive when applied at the wrong time – how many meetings have been delayed whilst we wait for “windows updates”!

We ensure that devices are protected, secure and kept in best working order to ensure you get the most out of your IT infrastructure

Onsite Repair


IT budgeting is a crucial  process to any organisations running.  By choosing our Onsite Repair option you will get a fixed monthly fee for all onsite repairs.



As your managed service partner we provide an employee handbook as a quick reference guide to all of your employees.  It gives quick reference of what to look out for, how and where to get help and where to find more information on IT and Data Policies.



Security is our top priority as your Managed Service Partner.  Our systems monitor your networks, servers, workstations and clouds 24/7 365 days a year. We use only the best security, encryption and backup  software, coupled with hardware firewalls and routers to keep your business and data safe against the ever changing cyber threats.