Cyber Security

The risks of a data breach are growing and becoming more costly to businesses

At a time when the use and manipulation of data is mushrooming, the threats from cyber breaches and fraud is similarly exploding leading to more stringent obligations from regulators on the use and protection of personal data.

Small businesses and charities are at real risk of an information security breach

  • 98% of UK businesses rely on some form of digital communication or services, and ..
  • 47% of small businesses identified at least one cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months; and
  • Businesses that hold customers’ personal data are more likely to have experienced a breach than others

How well is your business prepared?

  • Only 26% of micro/small businesses have formal cyber security policies
  • Only 19% of micro/small businesses have cyber security training
  • Only 18% of small businesses have cyber security incident response plans
  • Only 37% of businesses have rules and controls around encryption – although this is recommended in the GDPR
  • Only 26% of small business had staff attend cyber security training in the last 12 months
  • 65 % of small businesses don’t know the source of the most disruptive breach or attack

The information above is from the Cyber Security Breaches Survey, April 2018 by Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Where are the biggest threats?

The threats of data security breaches and fraud come three principal sources:

  • phishing emails;
  • computer malware (viruses etc),
  • fraudsters and
  • your own staff.

Accordingly, protection from these threats need to be addressed across policy, process, people and technology with the lead and direction coming from senior management.  Read our blog on creating as systematic approach to cyber security.

Read on to learn how we can help bolster your security

  • An holistic approach to Security

    At PAAC IT we have a comprehensive approach to securing your business that we describe in a "Cyber Security Wheel".

    You may pick and choose the elements that are important to you and progress around the wheel at a time that suits you.

    We can assist with IT Security Policies, staff training, secure software and configurations.

    Even fully protected organisations may still suffer a cybersecurity breach, and so increasingly organisations are developing incident recovery plans to minimise the impact of attacks. Our "Wheel" has this capability of one of its attributes.

    Cyber Security
  • Security Software

    We use, recommend, sell and support ESET’s range of security and encryption software

    We are advocates of ESET as we have seen for ourselves on our customers’ computers that:

    * It works – it detects computer malware that other anti-virus programmes have missed
    * It has a low impact on system performance and memory usage which means you can get on with your work with little impact from the security software
    * And we are impressed with the awards and accolades that ESET products receive.

    ESET offers an integrated security portfolio across the IT estate with continuous monitoring and automatic alerts for discovered issues.

    ESET security software is available for PCs and Macs, tablets and smartphones, servers and file servers.

    ESET Security Software
  • Encryption Software

    Encryption is now specifically called out in the GDPR as a security technology that organisations should implement.

    ESET Endpoint Ecryption software is a simple to use encryption application providing full remote control of endpoint encryption keys and security policy for files on hard drives, portable devices and emails.

    It can manage devices anywhere in the world without requiring VPNs nor any firewall exceptions. Management is handled by utilising HTTPS internet connectivity making it extremely simple for businesses of any size to install and setup.

    The implementation of encryption is completely transparent for your users and requires no action on their part. There is no extra overhead for IT departments and no need for user training.

    Deslock Encryption
  • Perimeter Protection - Firewalls

    Firewalls are network security devices that monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and decide whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a set of security rules.

    They establish a barrier between secured internal networks that can be trusted and untrusted outside networks, such as the Internet. Filters need to be configured that determine which packet are allowed to go where.

    Firewalls can be hardware, software, or both and are often built into other products.

    We use firewalls from Dreytek and TP Link included with their routers.

    ESET endpoint security software also includes a firewall capability enabling indiviual devices to be protected.

    Firewalls from PAAC IT
  • Password Management

    Did you know:

    * On average, UK citizens have 22 passwords each;
    * The number of websites for which users have the same password is 4;
    * Only 44% of users change their passwords each year;
    * 35% of users forget their passwords each week.

    So how do you keep all your business applications secure, ensure your users apply sensible passwords and change them regularly?

    Welcome to password managers.
    Software that helps you set and remember passwords and keep them secure. With a password manager you only have to remember one secure password and the password manager stores and remembers the rest.

    *Works across devices – PCs, Macs, Smartphone and Tablets
    * Works across teams – allowing teams to share information
    * Stores passwords in a secure vault
    * Autofills every password
    * Generates random passwords
    Audits your passwords

    We use LastPass at PAAC IT to secure access to our systems.