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Your IT should be enhancing your business and not be a drain on your resources.

Are your computers and networks secure and delivering business value?


In these days of heightened data privacy awareness and high level of fines under the GDPR you need to be sure that you have taken all reasonable precautions to secure the personal data in your care.

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We all need a health check from time to time

All of us need a health check from time to time. The same applies to our “things” – vehicles, business processes and IT systems are no exception.

Your business keeps moving forward and the bad guys keep coming up with new attack vectors to break into your systems. So its essential that you regularly review how your systems are performing and your cyber defences.

Our Cyber Security and IT Health Check will take a scan across 20 items in four domains to ensure you have everything covered. Our written report will cover the current state of your IT and cyber security as well as recommendations for improvements.

Our IT Health Checks examines the four domains shown below:


Governance & Management

How well are you proactively managing information and your IT assets? Are you staff trained?


Software and applications

Do you have policies to manage your cloud and on premise based applications? Is all software appropriately secured?


IT Infrastructure

How well do you maintain and support workstations, servers, mobiles, storage and data rooms? Are they proactively monitored and patches installed regularly?



Are the networks that you depend on properly configured and managed to ensure security and resilience?

IT Health Check Questions

Got a Question?

Your business, your competitors and cyber threats keep changing and moving forward – so the technology you depend on also need to keep evolving to be fit for the business environment. Our IT Health Check will provide an independent view of how your IT stacks up.

Cyber security threats are here and now and continually evolving. Why waste a day – check your systems now.

To be honest we want to meet new customers. Offering something for free is a good way to deliver you some value to demonstrate we are worth working with. Once you have the report you are free to ask us or anyone else to address any issues we find.

This sections covers proactive management of your information and systems.

Recommendations from the National Cyber Security Centre and others say that organisations need owners / board members /  senior managers to be accountable for information security. You also need to ensure IT is proactively managed and you know who to go to for what when things go wrong. We’ve also included staff training in this domain.

We include all business applications in this domain regardless of whether they are “on premise” or in the cloud.  The applications include productivity software (such as email and office applications), websites as a line of business apps such as marketing and CRM, accounting and finance and inventory management etc. Our focus is whether the applications are managed for security.

We also include security software such as anti-virus and encryption software.

In this domain we include mobile devices, workstations, servers, NAS drives and storage as well as the locations (data rooms) where key pieces of kit are housed.

Networks encompass both Wide Area Networks (those provided by comms providers such as BT, TalkTalk daisy etc) and Local Area Networks (those that run on your premises ( and include equipment such as routers, switches, access points and firewalls).

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  • Really great, they are there when we need them

    "PAAC IT provide a managed service for our PCs on a fixed monthly charge. Really great, they are there when we need them"

    Julia Macquisten - Owner
    Lucas Field Media
  • Richard and his team at PAAC IT are very prompt

    "PAAC-IT provide and maintain our Apple Macs and Macbook Pros. Richard and his team at PAAC IT are very prompt and responsive when we need help, and a pleasure to work with"

    David Alden - Director
    Alden Holmes
  • The team at PAAC-IT is very competent and keep our IT running smoothly

    "Our business is highly dependent on computer technology – all the way from design and creative software platforms to administration processes. PAAC-IT set up and configured our mix of PC and Apple computers, file servers and security software and now keep it running. The team at PAAC-IT is very competent and keep our IT running smoothly"

    Edward Green - Director
    Milly Green
  • Both Darren and Connor were extremely helpful and patient.

    "I was having trouble making Skype calls to my son. Both Darren and Connor were extremely helpful and patient. They were so kind to get the computer in and out of the car for me - i couldn't have done this on my own as i am disabled"

    Jane Nightingale
  • Darren was professional and helpful with successful result

    "On moving house we required help of PAAC to coordinate a tablet, PC and laptop with new security and email addresses and to ensure transfer of old contact details etc. Some of this work was undertaken by Darren in the Midhurst shop and some at our new address. Darren was professional and helpful with successful results. PAAC also followed up with care to ensure that all was well. "

    A satisfied customer
  • They clearly understand Macs and have given me good advice

    "I have been dealing with PAAC IT, mostly in their Midhurst Office, but also in Haslemere, for the past three or four years. They clearly understand Macs and have given me good advice, and sorted out various issues for me. Things did go wrong with the network wireless adapters I had bought from them, but they were quick to ensure they were checked and replaced without a problem, and they followed up with me a month later to ensure all was OK. That’s good customer service!"

    James Tree
  • Dynamite, goes the extra yard every time

    "Dynamite, goes the extra yard every time, reliable and essential support to my business."

    Lawrence Mullen
    The Talking Trade
  • Good, dependable, brilliant, local

    "Good, dependable, brilliant, local"

    Anneke Clegg
  • I have received first class service on each and every occasion

    "I have been using the services of PAAC IT for over two years. During this time I have found the staff to be courteous, understanding, and very efficient. I have received first class service on each and every occasion – from keeping my ancient computer running, to advising and supplying a suitable replacement when it eventually crashed. All my transactions have been with the team in the Haslemere shop where Richard, Mark, Darren and Oliver have addressed my computer difficulties with great patience and kindness. To them I am eternally grateful."

    Derek Smyth