Networking – from the ground up

We source, install, configure and test a complete range of cabling, networking and wifi access equipment. In addition we can run your network as a service for a regular monthly charge.

Our products and services include (from the ground up as it were):

  • Cat5e and Cat6 wiring infrastructures – including ducting, wall boxes and patch panels
  • Data cabinets and equipment rooms
  • WiFi networks and their expansion
  • Guest wifi networks
  • Routers and switches
  • Firewalls, and
  • network management

Our blog “Tops tips to a terrific Wi-Fi” provide some great pointers on how to go about building a highly performant network.

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  • Network as a Service

    Keeping a network running a optimum performance can be a time consuming task requiring technical skills and know how.

    Our "network as a service" relieves you of this stress and hassle. For a regular monthly charge, we will monitor and manage your network, keeping it operating efficiently as work loads change and evolve.

    The equipment we use is specifically designed to be managed from the "cloud" enabling safe and secure remote monitoring and access.
    We can monitor your network as a whole and drill down to look at the performance of individual components. While our help desk is there for you to quickly report and resolve issues as they arrive.

    Network as a service
  • Cabling and Data Cabinets

    Cat5e and Cat6 wiring infrastructures
    We plan and install cabling and trunking from literally the ground up. We provide firm pricing based on the number of outlets.

    Data cabinets and equipment rooms
    Protecting your network isn't all digital!  Your switches, firewalls and termination points should be housed in a secure cabinet or data room.  This will prevent unauthorised access, accidental damage, or the cleaner unplugging the router.  

    Patch Panels
    Having a well organised, flexible network will allow you to grow and expand, without massive downtime or expense.  Patch panels allow you to route any socket from a data switch, to an analog or IP phone, or to a CCTV camera.

    Wall boxes
    As well as large networking and data rooms we also offer network expansion for smaller businesses.  If you need a few more data sockets, or an added point for a PoE IP camera, pop us a call and book a free site survey.

  • Routers and WiFi Access

    Routers and Switches
    Routers often provide the external interface to your network and include a firewall - your perimeter defence against cyber attacks. So its important to use good business grade routers as opposed to those designed for domestic use.

    As your business grows, so will the demand on your switches and routers.  Upgrading to managed switches and prioritising your traffic, dramatically increase throughput and add an extra layer of security.  Choosing the right switch can be difficult, we can talk you through the options and find a solution that works for your business.

    WiFi Networks
    WiFI access points need to be configured to secure access to your key IT assets.
    There are real dangers of giving out your access codes to guests or visitors.  Your internal computers and data could be compromised, emails hacked and vital information stolen.

    Configuring your networks to separate your guests from the internal network and securing with  WPA2 encryption will keep your customers happy and your networks secure.  

    If you're not sure what condition your guest wifi is in, give us a call and we can arrange a wifi survey to identify any key issues.

    Routers and wifi from PAAC IT