IT Support

We manage IT systems and networks so you don’t have to. Saving you time, money and resources.

You rely on technology to keep your business and office running smoothly. Pretty much everything from prospecting through to invoicing depends on your IT. So breakdowns can not only be frustrating and time consuming, but staff can’t do their jobs and they cost you money!

When you signup for paacSupport we take care of maintenance, upgrades and monitoring to ensure technology keeps working for you. What’s more you get quick and easy access to our helpdesk to sort issues quickly. And all for a fixed monthly fee.


Fix it when it breaks or just keep it running

Your computer technology is just like a car: if you don’t change the oil, replace the filter, rotate the tires, flush the transmission and perform other regular maintenance on your car, it will eventually break down and cost you FAR MORE to repair than the cost of the basic maintenance – and a car is far simpler than a computer network! To keep you safe from viruses and hackers your computers need to be continuously monitored with security patches applied quickly and frequently.

Here’s what some of customers say about paacSupport:

  1. Improved efficiency and productivity. “Our business now runs more efficiently – the IT works as it should, I know who to call when I need help and I’m getting prepared for the evolution to our online business” says Amanda Baker, Co-owner of the Silkroad, Haslemere.
  2. Allows focus on your core business. “As we grew I had to decide what would be the best use of my time. So I moved out responsibility for non-core business and IT was top of the listEd Green, Milly Green Designs.
  3. Access to IT skills. A Managed IT Service gives you access to the skills you need, when you need them – with no holiday or sickness breaks! “We see PAAC-IT as our IT department, and that’s the best compliment I can give” Jeremy Rix, Managing Director, OKO Ltd.
  4. Supportive IT Leadership. “Richard and his team are proactive without being pushy and their efforts and expertise have led us to exactly where we need to be.Stephen Easthope, Co-founder, ETC Hospitality.

Call us for a FREE no obligation IT Health Check

  • paacSupport and Support Plus

    With a paacSupport service you pay a fixed monthly fee for us to keep your technology in good order and running smoothly - our goals are aligned with yours – the less problems there are, the better it is for both of us.

    We offer two levels of paacSuppport so you can choose what’s best for you. With both services we monitor your technology 24 / 7, apply security patches, fix most issues remotely, provide a friendly and informative helpdesk and manage your joiners and leavers and relationships with other IT vendors.
    PaacSupport Plus adds a bit more with preventative maintenance and on-site visits as well as audits and regular reviews.

    An image IT Support from PAAC IT
  • Cyber Security & IT Health Check

    We have found that many of our customers have their heads down running their respective businesses and only have break/fix arrangements with an IT shop. So they don’t often take the time to stand back and think about whether their IT is still fit for purpose, is secure against cyber attacks and how it needs to evolve as their business changes.
    Our free IT Health Check provides an ideal opportunity to take stock of where things are today and what needs to be planned for tomorrow. There is no obligation to proceed with our services following the Health Check.

    The benefits you will receive from our Cyber Security & IT Health Check are:
    * A clear view on how prepared you are to face a cyber attack or data breach
    * An understanding of how your IT estate aligns with your business aspirations
    * A prioritised set of actions required to address the above.

    IT Assessment from PAAC IT
  • Our Helpdesk - here for you

    Running an in house IT department is a costly affair.

    Outsourcing your help desk can reduce staffing costs whilst increasing availability and skill sets. Our helpdesk gives IT support to your organisation’s employees through an advanced portal, email and on the telephone.

    Those pesky little problems that annoy your staff every day can chew up time making your business less productive. That's why our team is setup to help your team with "How do I ...?" questions.

    To get issues sorted quickly, we utilise remote desktop software to share your screen and resolve issues without a site visit.

    Help Desk from PAAC IT
  • Keeping you secure

    Security is our top priority as your Managed Service Partner. Our systems monitor your networks, servers, workstations and clouds 24/7 365 days a year.

    We implement security in a number of layers:

    * Centrally managed security and encryption software from ESET. If something goes wrong, we often know about it before you

    * Backup software from Datto and Acronis to enable recovery from ransomware attacks.

    * Secure configurations of network devices such as routers and firewalls, and

    * Our management system can install security patches updates at a time that suits you.

    Cyber Security