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Microsoft 365 is rapidly becoming the worldwide standard for business communication and collaboration.

In April 2019, Microsoft reported that Micorosft 365 had 180 million monthly active users, and that number is expected to continue growing. In an increasingly mobile and remote workforce, Microsoft 365 offers versatility with minimal infrastructure and at a low cost. Microsoft 365 was previously Office 365 – read about the name change here.

Microsoft 365 provides you with cloud-based access to all your favourite Microsoft Office applications on a pay-as-you-go basis. For a low monthly fee, you can have Office on up to five devices per user, giving you the latest versions of popular Microsoft tools like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more. Office 365 is an excellent service for businesses to deliver productivity tools to their employees and manage documents, email, calendars, data, and more.

However, like all email systems, Microsoft 365 is prone to attack and subject to phishing. Email is the most common way to deliver malware such as viruses, worms, trojan horses and spyware to your computers. The data you store on cloud applications such as Microsoft 365, should be backed up, just like any other data. The best practice is to back up your data to a different medium with a different provider. Accordingly, we have a range of solutions to assist in keeping your emails and data safe and secure.

  • Advanced Email Security from Appriver provides an additional layer of filtering to blocking 99 percent of unwanted mail and malware, keeping your inbox clean and your network safe.
  • CipherPost Pro from AppRiver, keeps you safe from prying eyes as your emails traverse the internet. With one click, CipherPost Pro encrypts your message when it leaves your mailbox. Only the authorised recipient – with the proper password – can read the message.  Unlike many other systems its easy to setup and use. In addition, it can be used to obtain and record electronic signatures on your important documents.
  • Saas Protect from Datto will backup your email and Sharepoint data several times per day on an automated schedule keeping it safe and secure an easily retrievable when needed.

Concerned about the security of your Office 365 emails? Ask us about our FREE Advanced Microsoft 365 Security Audit.

Our Advanced Microsoft 365 Security Audit checks the admins, users, mailboxes and rules on your Microsoft 365 tenant for vulnerabilities. Plus the audit points out any additional policy management rules you may need and best practices you should be following to ensure your Microsoft 365 account stays safe.

  • Microsoft 365

    The Microsoft 365 suite contains an extensive set of capabilities to meet the needs of different sized organisations in different business segments.

    There's a product that just right for you, whether that's simply email or including the Office Productivity suite right through to voice and video calling.

    We have advised many clients on the most appropriate option for them and helped them migrate to the new facility including all their old emails.

    Office 365 from PAAC IT
  • Email security from Appriver

    AppRiver’s Advanced Email Security Solution is a cloud-based Anti Phishing and malware filter that’s designed to keep your inbox clean and your network safe.

    A simple MX Record change routes your mail through Appriver's Email Security servers before it ever reaches your network, which ensures that the mail that reaches your network doesn’t pose a threat.

    While our solution contains numerous adjustable settings, it is designed to work efficiently and optimally with little or no interaction from administrators.

    New phishing and spam attacks are developed every hour of every day. Appriver's team of security analysts continuously updates their security servers with these new attack vectors.

    Image od spam filtering from PAAC IT
  • Email encryption from Appriver

    Appriver's CipherPost Pro makes it simple to send and receive secure messages, request or provide legally valid e-signatures, and share large files directly from your existing email address. It provides real-time message tracking and control, along with enhanced regulatory compliance and archiving capabilities. There’s no complex installation required, it takes minutes to set up, and is fully functional on mobile devices.

    CipherPost Pro transforms a normal, unprotected email environment into a secure communications workspace. All messages, attachments, and e-signed files are cryptographically hashed and delivered via secure cloud rather than over basic unsecured email without requiring any additional hardware or additional software beyond the easy-to-install app that integrates right into your email environment.

    CipherPost Pro makes it easy for you to securely request and provide e-signatures on documents and image files directly within a secure message. The process takes seconds at either end and is fully secure from start to finish, ensuring data integrity, regulatory compliance, and non-repudiation.

    email encryption from PAAC IT
  • Saas Protect - Cloud Backup from Datto

    Datto SaaS Protection is the leading cloud-to-cloud total data protection platform for software as a service applications.

    Nearly two million business clients rely on Datto SaaS Protection to protect SaaS data. Users can easily protect Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce data in the secure Datto Cloud, and restore lost or corrupted objects in seconds through the intuitive admin interface.

    Automated backups can be created up to three times daily, and additional backups can be created on demand.

    With DattoSaaS Protection, users can restore single files, objects or complete accounts to get back to business in minutes.

    Datto SAAS Protect from PAAC IT
  • Memset Cloud Hosting

    We are working on a partnering relationship with Memset - check back in the new year.

    Over the last 15 years, Memset has become a leading cloud provider of choice, working alongside customers to deliver exceptional service, robust security and leading-edge technology.
    They offer Cloud services including virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) alongside a comprehensive portfolio of managed services and cyber security solutions to support customer’s critical IT and assist in their GDPR, cyber security and transition / transformation programmes.

    Together we will offer tailored innovative secure solutions, all backed by our personal attention and care and Memset's award-winning 24/7 support.

    an image of Memset's logo at PAAC IT