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Every organisation needs a great website!

A website is often a person’s first contact with your business or organisation … and first impressions count. Your website design needs to grip the reader and convey the key things you want them to know in the first few seconds. In fact, studies show that:

  • visitors take only 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your site. In that short space of time readers need to see enough to make them stay a while;
  • 53% of readers on a mobile device will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Given more than 50% of website traffic is mobile you need an extremely performant site;
  • 75% of people say they base a company’s credibility on their website. Having got your potential customers to stay, you need a compelling site with graphics, colours and content to keep your readers engaged and
  • 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. In order for people to find your website amongst the nearly 2bn other websites, you need to make your site stand out (or rank) on Google search.


Desired business outcomes should drive website design

Creating an effective website that delivers results needs to start an understanding of your business and your website objectives. We then convert your  business goals into a compelling website that engage your readers, is technically excellent and “appeals” to the search engines.

Our website design service in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex, delivers the Personal Attention and Care that you deserve. You can always rely on our experience & expertise to understand your business and create a beautiful website that will engage your customers.  Our websites are built with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at the core enabling you to get noticed straight away, and with Google analytics to track performance!

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Website Design and Build

Our approach to website design starts with building an understanding of your business and the objectives you have for a website. From this outcomes based start we develop a specification for website that includes:

  • The objectives market positioning and call to action
  • The keywords and phrases to be used
  • The number of pages and an outline of each page’s content
  • The colours, graphics and fonts to be used

We craft our websites in WordPress (the most popular platform for websites and used by organisations such as The New Yorker and BBC America). Our website designer, Oli, builds each website to ensure it meets your requirements, loads quickly and is responsive – that is adapts gracefully to display on different device types – such as mobiles, tablets and PCs / Macs.

Designed to be discovered

As we develop the website we take into account your two audiences – people and “search bots”. Obviously the website needs to appeal to humans, but on its own this is not sufficient. We need to ensure that the website contains those design elements that the search bots look for to give your site prominence on a search page – this is where SEO starts – at the build phase.

In addition we take care of the “hygiene factors” such as registering the domain name, obtaining the HTTPS certification and the legally required GDPR privacy statement and cookie notice.

Website design from PAAC IT

Hosting and Security

We host websites at a UK based data centre on servers that we rent, which means we have control over performance and eliminate interference from other websites. As traffic changes to your website, we can alter capacity accordingly.

But hosting is much more than just the physical environment. Over 90,000 websites are hacked each day, which means, just like any other piece of software, a range of security precautions need to be implemented. For our customers’ websites, we:

  • Deploy security software, similar in concept to the security software that runs on PCs, to protect your website against hacking attacks.
  • Implement two factor authentication for administration access to the website.
  • Regularly update website software to ensure software patches are loaded promptly
  • Maintain backup copies of the website in order to recover quickly in the case our security precautions are breached

We understand that our customers each have different requirements and different views on the perceived level of risk. So we offer three hosting packages with different levels of capability at different price points.

Website hosting by PAAC IT

Discovery and SEO

Having built your website, you now need to ensure that people can find it. Just like opening any new venture, you need to help people discover it. Thats where Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) comes in.

There are two main SEO categories:

  • On-page SEO which are things you do on the pages of your website, such as using appropriate titles, keywords, metatags and internal links. All of these activities are performed when the website is created, but they need ongoing attention to ensure they remain current.
  • Off-page SEO, which as the name implies, are the other things you can do to help your page rank higher, such as linking to your social networking sites, writing blog posts (to keep fresh content), submit the website to search engines, video sharing and participating in forums.

We design SEO packages tailored to your requirements and budget.


Examples of our work

The section below showcases examples of the websites we work with. In many cases we have not only provided website design and support, but also other IT services to the customer. This close relationship enables us to really understand their business and deliver IT with personal care and attention.

The first few examples are websites that we have designed, built and now support for our customers.

The last two, are websites developed by our website partner, The Website Space, that we now support.

To find out more, please complete the form below or call us on 01428 770 290

  • Galerie du Monde

    Galerie du Monde is a hub for contemporary international art, located right in the heart of Haslemere. The website uses elements of WooCommerce to showcase artifacts

    See Website
  • Angles of Art

    Angles of Art of a complete art framing and preservation service. A key aim of the website was to bring out the skills and experience of the artisans

    See Website
  • YP Therapies Website by PAAC IT
    YP Therapies

    This is a simple one page website for a Sports Therapist

    See Website
  • All About Balance website
    All About Balance

    All About Balance is a new company aimed at professional therapists. The site includes some clever ecommerce capability

    See Website
  • john nicholson auctioneers
    John Nicholson's Auctioneers

    John Nicholson Auctioneers are the premier auctioneer and valuer specialists in southern England for paintings, sculpture, Chinese and Asian art, jewellery, clocks, ceramics, furniture, glass, books, coins, medals and vintage collectables

    See Website
  • The Silkroad Haslemere
    The Silkroad

    The Silkroad Interiors and Flooring is based in Haslemere, Surrey and offers a comprehensive interiors service tailored to suit individual requirements and budgets in both the residential and commercial sectors.

    See Website

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"PAAC IT provide a managed service for our PCs on a fixed monthly charge. Really great, they are there when we need them"
Julia Macquisten - OwnerLucas Field Media
"PAAC-IT provide and maintain our Apple Macs and Macbook Pros. Richard and his team at PAAC IT are very prompt and responsive when we need help, and a pleasure to work with"
David Alden - DirectorAlden Holmes
"Our business is highly dependent on computer technology – all the way from design and creative software platforms to administration processes. PAAC-IT set up and configured our mix of PC and Apple computers, file servers and security software and now keep it running. The team at PAAC-IT is very competent and keep our IT running smoothly"
Edward Green - DirectorMilly Green
"I was having trouble making Skype calls to my son. Both Darren and Connor were extremely helpful and patient. They were so kind to get the computer in and out of the car for me - i couldn't have done this on my own as i am disabled"
Jane Nightingale
"On moving house we required help of PAAC to coordinate a tablet, PC and laptop with new security and email addresses and to ensure transfer of old contact details etc. Some of this work was undertaken by Darren in the Midhurst shop and some at our new address. Darren was professional and helpful with successful results. PAAC also followed up with care to ensure that all was well. "
A satisfied customer
"I have been dealing with PAAC IT, mostly in their Midhurst Office, but also in Haslemere, for the past three or four years. They clearly understand Macs and have given me good advice, and sorted out various issues for me. Things did go wrong with the network wireless adapters I had bought from them, but they were quick to ensure they were checked and replaced without a problem, and they followed up with me a month later to ensure all was OK. That’s good customer service!"
James Tree
"Dynamite, goes the extra yard every time, reliable and essential support to my business."
Lawrence MullenThe Talking Trade
"Good, dependable, brilliant, local"
Anneke Clegg
"I have been using the services of PAAC IT for over two years. During this time I have found the staff to be courteous, understanding, and very efficient. I have received first class service on each and every occasion – from keeping my ancient computer running, to advising and supplying a suitable replacement when it eventually crashed. All my transactions have been with the team in the Haslemere shop where Richard, Mark, Darren and Oliver have addressed my computer difficulties with great patience and kindness. To them I am eternally grateful."
Derek Smyth