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We all know that high performing Wi-Fi networks contribute to a high performing organisation. Conversely, if the network is down or performing poorly everyone feels it and frustration rises. But keeping the network optimised for your organisation takes time and skill and its why many organisations choose to outsource the management of their internal networks.

Network as a Service or “NaaS”

Our managed network service can take you through the whole lifecycle process from defining requirements, network planning, setup and configuration through to day to day management. We can provide the network “as a service” which means customers pay a regular monthly fee with no need purchase equipment. The networking equipment we deploy is designed from the outset to be fully managed from the cloud including reports of network performance and traffic. Our management console enables us to keep track of your network’s performance and look for usage patterns that could help us identify bottlenecks and optimise performance. If there’s a problem we will be notified automatically and can take immediate remedial action. Our goal is to doing our part in keeping your business operating smoothly.

We provide “Network as a Service” to a local coffee shop that offers a business centre upstairs. Wi-Fi is available to all guests but business centre clients are provided with a greater share of the available bandwidth. Hence we have partitioned the network into three groups – internal business users, coffee shop guests and business clients. The network is monitored continuously, and we have the ability to change traffic prioritisation based on changing traffic loads.

Managed networks from PAAC IT

At the moment all the traffic shares one broadband circuit, but when required we can add an additional circuit as more bandwidth is required and / or to provide resiliency. This is a simple two access point network with the access points linked together via mesh technology avoiding the need to run an ethernet cable through the building.

You can learn more about our networking services here.

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