Computer Service

We aim to provide the type and level of service that best suits your needs and budget.

Our standard service is performed within seven days. That means that when we book in your computer it goes into our queue of repairs and we will action the service request within seven days.

We understand that some people need their devices looked at more urgently and so we charge a premium for this 48 hour service. Some people say “why cant you do it more quickly than that”. Well, sometimes we can – but often it takes quite some time to run our checking software over your device. If the machine is slow or you have a lot of information to scan it can take 24 hours. Naturally we don’t know this when we book your device in. So we quote 48 hours knowing we can get the job done within this time.

If you need help bringing your computer into our shop – just ask. We’re always ready to help.

  • Investigations

    The are so many different makes and models of computer with a great variety of parts and software, it can be difficult for us to give you a firm price upfront.

    Booking your computer in for an investigation is a low cost no obligation way to understand what's wrong with your device.

    We spend 30 minutes getting to the bottom of the issue and comeback to you with a firm price to fix the problem.

    If its something quick - we'll fix it within the 30 minute window.

    Computer Investigations from PAAC IT
  • Service

    Computers to slow down over time as their systems get clogged up with unnecessary files and software.

    Book your computer in to be optimised. We will:

    * Check and update its core software Windows or OSX for Macs;
    * Remove Viruses and other malware
    * Run disk check and disk de-fragmentation software
    * Remove un-needed or spurious files and software
    * Clean vents and fans as appropriate
    * Recommend upgrades that could further improve performance.

    Computer Service from PAAC IT
  • Remote Support

    If you can’t get your machine to us, forgotten how to do something, or simply never knew in the first place, we can offer support remotely, whether on the phone, or online.

    Reomte Support from PAAC IT
  • Home Visits

    If the job is too complex for remote support, or you’re concerned about moving anything, we can always come to you.

    Our callout service will cover any task, no matter how small. Click the image for more info.

    Home visits from PAAC IT
"PAAC IT provide a managed service for our PCs on a fixed monthly charge. Really great, they are there when we need them"
Julia Macquisten - OwnerLucas Field Media
"PAAC-IT provide and maintain our Apple Macs and Macbook Pros. Richard and his team at PAAC IT are very prompt and responsive when we need help, and a pleasure to work with"
David Alden - DirectorAlden Holmes
"Our business is highly dependent on computer technology – all the way from design and creative software platforms to administration processes. PAAC-IT set up and configured our mix of PC and Apple computers, file servers and security software and now keep it running. The team at PAAC-IT is very competent and keep our IT running smoothly"
Edward Green - DirectorMilly Green
"I was having trouble making Skype calls to my son. Both Darren and Connor were extremely helpful and patient. They were so kind to get the computer in and out of the car for me - i couldn't have done this on my own as i am disabled"
Jane Nightingale
"On moving house we required help of PAAC to coordinate a tablet, PC and laptop with new security and email addresses and to ensure transfer of old contact details etc. Some of this work was undertaken by Darren in the Midhurst shop and some at our new address. Darren was professional and helpful with successful results. PAAC also followed up with care to ensure that all was well. "
A satisfied customer
"I have been dealing with PAAC IT, mostly in their Midhurst Office, but also in Haslemere, for the past three or four years. They clearly understand Macs and have given me good advice, and sorted out various issues for me. Things did go wrong with the network wireless adapters I had bought from them, but they were quick to ensure they were checked and replaced without a problem, and they followed up with me a month later to ensure all was OK. That’s good customer service!"
James Tree
"Dynamite, goes the extra yard every time, reliable and essential support to my business."
Lawrence MullenThe Talking Trade
"Good, dependable, brilliant, local"
Anneke Clegg
"I have been using the services of PAAC IT for over two years. During this time I have found the staff to be courteous, understanding, and very efficient. I have received first class service on each and every occasion – from keeping my ancient computer running, to advising and supplying a suitable replacement when it eventually crashed. All my transactions have been with the team in the Haslemere shop where Richard, Mark, Darren and Oliver have addressed my computer difficulties with great patience and kindness. To them I am eternally grateful."
Derek Smyth