Turbo charge your PC or laptop!
Every now and again your computer may need a boost. Could be because:

  • You are now doing more gaming
  • You are working with bigger files – such as graphics or
  • You just want it to start up more quickly.

We can advise you on what changes will make the difference you need – be that more RAM a bigger hard drive, a solid state drive or a new monitor.

Short term memory, known as RAM, and can often easily by added to your computer’s motherboard

Long term storage is on a hard drive – its where all your files and photos are stored. Just like your cupboards at home, a hard rive has a finite capacity. One its full up you have some choices to make – throw stuff out (can be hard to do), store it somewhere else (such as on the cloud), of upgrade your hard dive. We can help with any of these options – actually you’d be better off figuring out what you want to throw away!

Pop and see us for a friendly, no obligation chat.

  • Memory Upgrades

    Software keeps growing and growing. The operating system (such as Windows) keeps needing more space as do many graphics or games packages.

    Adding an additional bank of short term memory (or RAM) can really improve performance at little cost.

    Memory upgrades from PAAC IT
  • Hard Drive Upgrades

    Many laptops are fitted with hard drives that use a spinning disc - like an old fashioned record player.

    If the device is not shut down properly or suffers a bump the read head can scratch the surface of the disc. It may be only a small scratch - but the scratches build up over time and slow your hard drive.

    We recommend upgrading to a solid state drive (SSD) in which there are no spinning discs.

    An SSD will increase the speed of your device and be a lot more robust.

    Hard drive upgrades from PAAC IT
"PAAC IT provide a managed service for our PCs on a fixed monthly charge. Really great, they are there when we need them"
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"PAAC-IT provide and maintain our Apple Macs and Macbook Pros. Richard and his team at PAAC IT are very prompt and responsive when we need help, and a pleasure to work with"
David Alden - DirectorAlden Holmes
"Our business is highly dependent on computer technology – all the way from design and creative software platforms to administration processes. PAAC-IT set up and configured our mix of PC and Apple computers, file servers and security software and now keep it running. The team at PAAC-IT is very competent and keep our IT running smoothly"
Edward Green - DirectorMilly Green
"I was having trouble making Skype calls to my son. Both Darren and Connor were extremely helpful and patient. They were so kind to get the computer in and out of the car for me - i couldn't have done this on my own as i am disabled"
Jane Nightingale
"On moving house we required help of PAAC to coordinate a tablet, PC and laptop with new security and email addresses and to ensure transfer of old contact details etc. Some of this work was undertaken by Darren in the Midhurst shop and some at our new address. Darren was professional and helpful with successful results. PAAC also followed up with care to ensure that all was well. "
A satisfied customer
"I have been dealing with PAAC IT, mostly in their Midhurst Office, but also in Haslemere, for the past three or four years. They clearly understand Macs and have given me good advice, and sorted out various issues for me. Things did go wrong with the network wireless adapters I had bought from them, but they were quick to ensure they were checked and replaced without a problem, and they followed up with me a month later to ensure all was OK. That’s good customer service!"
James Tree
"Dynamite, goes the extra yard every time, reliable and essential support to my business."
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"Good, dependable, brilliant, local"
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"I have been using the services of PAAC IT for over two years. During this time I have found the staff to be courteous, understanding, and very efficient. I have received first class service on each and every occasion – from keeping my ancient computer running, to advising and supplying a suitable replacement when it eventually crashed. All my transactions have been with the team in the Haslemere shop where Richard, Mark, Darren and Oliver have addressed my computer difficulties with great patience and kindness. To them I am eternally grateful."
Derek Smyth