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Cyber Security

PAAC IT / Cyber Security

Cyber Security

We live in interesting times!

At a time when the use and manipulation of data is mushrooming, the threats from cyber security and fraud is similarly exploding leading to more stringent obligations from regulators on the use and protection of personal data.

The risks of a data breech are growing and becoming more costly to businesses

How well is your business prepared?

In 2015 the number of security breaches increased while the scale and cost nearly doubled.

The threats of data security breeches and fraud come three principal sources:

  • computer malware (viruses etc),
  • fraudsters and
  • your own staff.

So protection from these threats need to be addressed across policy, process, people and technology with the lead and direction coming from senior management.



The “Cyber Security Wheel”

At PAAC IT we have a comprehensive approach to securing your business that we describe in a “Cyber Security Wheel”.


Even fully protected organisations may still suffer a cyber security breech, and so increasingly organisations are developing incident recovery plans to minimise the impact of attacks. Our “Wheel” has this capability of one of its attributes.

Talk to us today to understand how we can help secure your business.