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IT Assessment from PAAC IT
Our free IT assessment provides an ideal opportunity to take stock of where things are today and what needs to be planned for tomorrow. There is no obligation to proceed with our services following the assessment.

The benefits you will receive from our Cyber Security & IT Assessment are:

  • A clear view on how prepared you are to face a cyber attack or data breach
  • An understanding of how your IT estate aligns with your business aspirations
  • A prioritised set of actions required to address the above.
Our IT Assessments adopt an holistic view of IT across four domains:
  • Business and Information –  IT management, processes, data and security
  • Software and applications
  • IT infrastructure including workstations, mobiles, servers, storage and data rooms
  • Networks including local and wide area networks and wifi

A well structured and professional approach 

The Assessment is driven from an Excel workbook which works through a structured set of questions with guidance on how to rate each category.
We take a primarily interview based approach with key staff complemented by extraction of reports from your servers (where applicable) to get a complete view of your environment. Our interviews commence with a discussion on your organisation, its business goals and challenges in order that IT is evaluated in the context of your organisation.
The outputs from the assessment are:
  • An overview of the IT domains and an assessment of the overall system
  • An assessment against a 5-point scale of each of the four domains
  • Identification of key areas needing attention
  • Prioritised set of recommendations for bringing the IT environment up to a stable and secure level.

Depending on the size of your organisation our onsite investigation takes about 2 hours with additional time for us to write up the report.

Our findings and recommendations are then presented in a meeting and you are provided with a written copy of the report.

Some findings from previous IT Assessments include:

  • A charity thought their central database was secure and protected. We discovered that in fact it was open to attack via their wifi network from any member of the public. The issue was addressed by implementing a separated guest wifi network with no access to corporate resources.
  • A services company had a range of different and unmanaged anti-virus products across their workstations – some were current and some were completely out of date. The remedy was to migrate to a common centrally managed endpoint security solution from ESET.
  • A retailer had no backup for any of their data (neither their finance system or customer data) leaving the company with no means to recover in the case of a cyber attack. The answer was a cloud backup solution from Acronis that automatically and continuously backs up data.

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