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Meet Martin the Florist

Picture of Martin the Florist from PAAC IT

You must agree that reading about cyber security is a pretty dry topic. However it is important for business owners and their staff to understand. Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSATS) is key part of the service we offer – training staff how to do their part in keeping safe in the digital world.

Whether talking at regional events, networking meetings or delivering a CSAT course, the challenge is always in keeping people’s attention.

Richard has developed a story line based on the experience of Martin the florist, our fictional Lego Hero. The story follows Martin as he sets up his business, builds his customer database and starts marketing to customers. The journey follows our hero through various cyber challenges. It recognises that Martin can’t do everything on day one, but he can and does progressively increase his cyber security defences over time.

We use a Lego castle, guards, spears and horses to bring the story to life. Martin even has his own poem:

  • Martin the Florist’s a hard-working man, Running his business the best way he can, Growing flowers and plants that he wants to sell, Business is starting to go very well.
  • His database is growing too, An experience that’s really new, Customers’ details held on line, Everything is looking fine.
  • Then that dreaded system crash, Has our Martin been too rash? Time to build a wall of defence, Stronger than your garden fence.
  • A castle wall, strong and neat, Martin’s defences are all complete. But no, attacks come from every side, It seems that there’s no place to hide. But rescue wasn’t far away, PAAC IT has saved the day.
  • So sit back comfortably while I tell, How Martin’s data is now safe and well.


If you would like to arrange a CSATs course for your businesses, or to book us to speak at an event please contact Richard on 01428 770290 or at rich.paterson@paac-it.com

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