Convenient secure Wi-Fi essential to hotels

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One of our clients operates a 59-bedroom hotel set in stunning the Surrey and Hampshire countryside. We provide IT support and Office 365 to the hotel as well as support for their in-house networks.

Convenience versus security

“One of the many challenges of running an hotel is to balance convenience and facilities for our guests, while keeping their data and our systems safe and secure” says the hotel’s on site IT Support, “Our guests demand access to fast and ubiquitous Wi-Fi during their stay with us, whilst we want to minimise the risk of contamination to our systems”.

Separate guest network

This hotel has gone further than most organisations in that not only does it operate a completely separate guest Wi-Fi network from the corporate network but also uses a separate broadband line just for guest traffic.  This approach ensures that there is zero risk of picking up an infection from a guest device or of anyone hacking into the IT systems from the guest network.  The dedicated high speed leased line ensures that even under heavy load their guests experience a fast and responsive connection.  Getting the Wi-Fi to cover every room and every part of the building was no easy feat.  Using Open Mesh access points the hotel has been able to achieve superb coverage even in those hard to reach places.  This is all managed through a cloud console so status, traffic and speeds can be closely monitored and tweaked as required.

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