Surrey Translation Bureau – operational efficiency with PAAC IT

Surrey Translation Bureau have been a managed services client of our since 2017, so we are delighted that they have been prepared to co-write this case study of our shared experience.

Surrey Translation Bureau is an award-winning Farnham based translation agency providing translation services for over 35 years. In addition to core translation, editing and revision, we provide other related language services – including SEO translation, desktop publishing, localisation, terminology management, transcreation and legalisation. We also have expertise in specialist areas such as subtitling and post-editing of machine translation. We are ISO-certified and a Corporate Accredited Language Service Provider of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

STB's multiple awards

Surrey Translation Bureau’s multiple awards

Surrey Translation Bureau offers language services to businesses, professional organisations, public bodies, individuals, as well as to other translation agencies. We cover almost all world languages and work with specialists across a wide range of fields including medical, legal, technical, marketing, financial, science, environmental and the public sector. Our clients are based across the globe and our projects can range from marketing campaigns to automotive manuals!

What makes you special? Qualified linguists as project managers

To understand the intricacies of our customers’ specific requirements, all our project managers are trained and qualified linguists. This is highly unusual in our field – clients are often surprised that all too-often translation project managers have never translated a word themselves! Our understanding of the translation process and attention to detail enables us to understand the nuances of every customer assignment and to assemble the right team of linguists for each and every job.

IT is vital to our business

Like other digital service providers, we use technology in every aspect of our operations, from lead generation to email communications, video calls and project delivery. Our translations are always completed by humans, but we use computer assisted translation software to maintain project consistency, adhere to client-specific terminology, run quality assurance checks and much more. We use industry-specific business management software to maintain client and supplier records, record project information and assign workloads. If we were to go offline, we could not operate.

To reach out and stay in contact we have a multilingual website, regular client and supplier newsletters and use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. All of our phone calls even run through our IT system.

When it comes to data security and confidentiality, we process considerable amounts of client data that we need to securely store and protect. Our IT system and processes are set up to always comply with data protection requirements.

Why PAAC IT? We needed a partner to grow with us

Any good business is only as good as its team and as we have grown over the years, we are always striving to ensure our work is as efficient as possible. We outgrew the capabilities of our previous IT provider and went on the hunt for an organisation that could grow with us.
We were introduced to PAAC IT through Ian Martin of the M3 Growth Hub – a real benefit of local networking.

The two Managing Directors - George Cook from STB and Richard Paterson from PAAC IT

The two Managing Directors – George Cooke from STB and Richard Paterson from PAAC IT

As a Managed Server Provider, PAAC IT are responsible for most of our IT and provide a coordination role for any software or technology that they are not responsible for.
We have been on a journey together, commencing with support of our suite of Apple Macs and local server to:

  • Moving to Microsoft 365 for emails, Teams for collaberation and SharePoint for data storage
  • Implementing virtual desktops for remote working and Azure AD
  • Introducing a new VOIP telephony system
  • Supporting our website; and of course
  • Keeping our data and systems safe and secure through a layered approach to security.

In addition, PAAC IT helped us prepare for the new Data Protection requirements that were introduced in 2018 and continue to provide useful advice on policy and best practice in cyber security.

Operational Efficiency from PAAC IT

“The team at PAAC IT have removed the IT bottleneck we experienced for some time and have really helped to improve our operational efficiency,” says Hannah Stacey, Head of Operations. “Our staff all now contact PAAC directly to assist with their day-to-day IT issues, which in turn frees up my time for larger projects. The PAAC team and I have fortnightly catch-ups to ensure we have clear action plans on ongoing support and any IT upgrades or implementations.” George Cooke, Managing Director explains “PAAC give us plenty of time to ponder changes and we really value their advice and assistance”. “PAAC IT also supports our website and relieves me of all the techy bits that need doing,” adds Marya Jabeen, Marketing Manager.

One thing that really makes a difference

If we have an IT-related issue with an upgrade with our translation management software or a new client software requirement, PAAC IT jump right in and speak directly to the relevant vendor team on our behalf. They can talk ‘tech’ together and usually get the job done much faster than we could. We appreciate them taking us out of the equation to get the root cause, avoid finger pointing and reach a solution as quickly as possible.

“The PAAC IT team are friendly and accessible and although we give them a bit of a challenge with our wide variety of daily requests, they always look into our needs and provide us with a solution” wraps up Hannah Stacey.

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